SYC s.r.l., leader company in PRODUCTION, SELLING and RENTING CONTANEIRS, REEFER and HOUSING UNITS both for CIVIL, MANUFACTURING, MILITARY and HUMANITARIAN USES, is commited for over 18 years to meet the exigency of an increasingly customers.

The company’s organization chart is young and dynamic, and together with the area manager, people with a lot of years of experience, is able to face every single customer’s exigency, from the local private to the big company, offering more and more custom products.

SYC s.r.l. is based in Ravenna, Via 13 Marzo 1987, in the south area of Porto San Vitale.
Thanks to his excellent location, his qualified employees and a wide selection of products and services, syc is able to guarantee a continuos growth and a constant search for a bigger quality, mixed with fastness and an equal and competitive price.

Together with production, selling and renting, syc offers a service of filling and empting of containers, and owns a customs’ warehouse which is able to contain every kind of products.


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VIA MONTEBELLO, 16 - 48124 RAVENNA - TEL 0544 436900 FAX 0544 436909 - P.IVA 01198120394 -
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